Dark Horse is at it again with another art book. This time it’s for Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. animated series.

The art book, Go Team Venture!: The Art and Making of the Venture Bros. will feature original sketches and artwork by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. Even the earliest sketches of Hank and Dean scribbled in a notebook will be collected. It will also include a sit down series with writer Ken Plume and executive producers Publick and Hammer as they discuss the creation of every single episode from the pilot through season six and beyond.

There will be character designs for each season, storyboards, painted backgrounds, behind-the-scenes recollection of how the show came together and more. You will get an inside look at how the animation all comes together.

Patton Oswalt who voices Wonder Boy will even write the foreword.

“The Venture Brothers is one of those shows, like Archer, 30 Rock, and Arrested Development, that stands up to repeated viewings,” said Oswalt. β€œIt practically demands them. And this book more than enriches your repeated visits.”

Venture Bros. is created and directed by Publick and written and executive produced by Publick and Hammer. This irreverent animated series follows the adventures of Hank and Dean Venture the not too bright twin sons of pill-popping “super scientist” Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty”Venture. The show premiered on Adult Swim in 2003 and had its first full season in 2004.

Go Team Venture!: The Art and Making of The Venture Bros. is available for preorder today. It hits shelves everywhere on August 23, 2017.

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