Twitter user @YellowFlashGuy has produced a list of comic book professionals to boycott. The list called Comicsgate Blacklist Bestiary aims to educate comic book readers to avoid certain comic book professionals who are “the main contributors to the declining quality” of comic books.

The list includes four comic book editors including Andy Khouri, an editor at DC Comics, Alanna Smith an assistant editor at Marvel, Heather Antos, an editor at Marvel, and Tom Breevort, the Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing at Marvel Comics.

Along with the editors the list includes a number of writers.

They include Ales Kot, Aubrey Sitterson, B. Clay Moore, Gabby Rivera, Gail Simone, Jennifer de Guzman, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kurt Busiek, Larry Hama, Magdalena Vissagio, Mark Waid, Matthew Fraction, Max Bemis, Nick Spencer, Sina Grace, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Tim Doyle, and Zachary Davisson.

The list also includes artists Andrea Shockling, Colleen Doran, Jamal Igle, Jim Zub, Marissa Louise, Ramon Villalobos, Tess Fowler.

There are also colorists Kelly Fitzpatrick, Tamra Bonvillain, and Triona Tree Farrel.

Other comic book professionals include Alex de Campi, Amy Chu, Christopher Sebela, Justin Jordan, Kirk Perez, Paul Allor, Ryan Ferrier, and Ulysses Farinas.

Along with the actual comic book creators, the list also includes a number of individuals who cover comic book news for a variety of outlets. They include David Brothers, Kieran Shiach, Rich Johnston, Jude Terror, Joseph Glass, Matthew Santori Griffin, Stephanie Cooke, and Colin Spacetwinks.

The reactions to the list were varied. A number of people praised it, while others didn’t think it was a good idea.

Others wanted to add more people to the list.

Twitter user @YellowFlashGuy explained one of his goals behind the list, “The goal is to get everyone who deserves to be on the list added. It will take time, but trust me, we will get them.”

They then explained their idea behind the list, “Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire. They use gossip, we use wallets. This is not calling for harassment, this is calling for wallet enforcement.”

They then explain that the people on the list “have caused real damage to people’s careers and personal lives.”

What do you think? Do you think this list is a good idea to combat poor quality comic books? Or do you think there are alternative ways to making comics great again?

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  • Ajt

    As a general rule I simply boycott any comic creator that calls me or anybody a Nazi, Misogynist, Racist, etc simply for being comic fans. so pretty much any of them that use Twitter.

    I will however draw the line at Larry Hama. Man has paid his dues in blood and tears. He can call anybody whatever he wants at this stage of his life. He’s earned his opinions the hard honorable way, unlike these other fools.

    And for gods sake why would anybody put Gabby Rivera on a list of “comic writers”? She would appear to be functionally illiterate.

  • G.I.Jew

    “Aubrey Sitterson…. Gabby River”

    Nuff said!

  • Brett S

    Weird seeing one of my tweets on there.

    I agree with most of the names on the list, but not all. I think everyone who cares about correcting this should have their own lists and do their own due diligence on creators to make decisions for themselves.

    I also personally maintain a list (in my head) of creators whose work I enjoy who act professionally toward fans. Use the carrot and the stick, imo.

    But yeah, when I get blocked by creators who I’m polite to, or who I never interacted with, I don’t care how good their books are, I’m cutting them off my pull list. Fuck ’em.

  • MerrySard

    Yes, I think this is the most effective and lawful form of combat that can be pursued. Starve those who write badly of income, but don’t harrass them personally. I’m sure some will still call a list like this “harrassment” and “abuse”, but it is not, it is straight up boycott of bad writers/artists/execs.

  • derklempner

    “Do you think this list is a good idea to combat poor quality comic books?”

    But the list isn’t about combat against poor quality in comics, it’s to combat the people who have said or done things to cause harm to other people. Those are two different things, and you can’t equate one with another. Maybe keep people informed about the people that have done real harm to others based on a difference of opinions, but let people make up their own mind about how to handle it — don’t try to start a mass boycott because that doesn’t make you any better than them.

  • Laura

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  • Brett S

    I don’t think Colleen Doran or Gail Simone caused harm to other people, but they have made some pretty tone-deaf remarks adjacent to those who have.

  • Diana Davis

    Oh, Nanki Poo, you are so juvenile:

  • Alex Murphy

    People like Gail Simone or Mark Waid are experts in pointing fingers but then looking the other way when somebody of their same “mindset” does something despicable.

  • ChuckDixon

    Leave Larry off the list.

  • yeah they are calling it a harassment list

  • Patrick Howard

    I don’t like boycotts… the market will boycott their work all on itself without a list… if these people fail… then they’ll have a fall back to cry wolf… someone will inevitably give them another shot out of pity and they won’t aspire to be better because of the “list” will be blamed for their failure.

  • Gary Roberts

    What a pack of howling neo-communist idiots. The Market determines what is good and what sucks, not a self-appointed Politbureau of secret henchmen sitting in judgement..if it’s good, it sells, and those producers prosper. If it sucks, it doesn’t sell, and those producers go no further. Some idiots just can’t handle freedom.

  • Maxxxxx

    It’s funny because boycotting is literally the oposite of harrasment.

  • icemachine79

    “Fighting fire with fire” tends to just burn everything down. Boycotts are stupid 99% of the time, and the remaining 1% are so obvious (lead paint in toys, poison cat food from China) that you don’t need to explicitly tell people to take part.